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Writing a Resume for a 100K Job
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The competitive nature of a 100K job must be considered seriously when writing a resume for such a position. Generic or form resumes will not be effective here; most likely they will never get a second look before getting tossed. Instead, place yourself in your employer's shoes to see what you should include. This will require some research into the company you're applying to as well as time to pick and choose only the information that is most relevant and interesting. By putting forth considerable effort to make you resume match the company's objective and vision, you will prepare a resume that is sure to get noticed.

Writing a Resume for a 100K Job
By matching your resume to the company's vision, you will clear the path towards the 100K job you have your eye on.
A resume is a communication tool that markets an individual’s specific skills, qualifications, and personality to a potential employer. Thus, when writing a resume, it is important that you communicate effectively and efficiently to your potential employer. This is especially true if you are applying for a job with a high and competitive salary.

Most of the jobs that earn an individual over a hundred thousand dollars are usually senior executive positions in a company. In order to be a serious contender for one of these positions, you must put forth effort to get to know the company you’re applying to. Most companies have visions and mission statements, developing their short term and long term objectives. To achieve these objectives, the company will require competent individuals that are up to the task. Therefore, when writing a resume for a 100K job, it is advisable to tailor your resume to be in line with the company’s vision and mission statement.

Senior management positions and senior executive positions are always competitive. These positions will determine the performance of the company, both in the short term and in the long term. When writing a resume for such positions it is important to emphasize your career experience and your transferable skills.

Beware of giving misleading or false information. A quick background screening will easily give you away and expose you as under qualified for the position. The consequences of such actions are usually very disastrous. Honesty is a virtue that most employers are looking for; thus be careful not to do anything that would result in your ill-reputation.

Academic and professional qualifications are the basic job requirements for any job. Ensure that the details you put into this section are as accurate as possible. You can also choose to include your involvement in professional and community organizations if they will help you to showcase skills that are relevant to your desired line of work.

Potential employers usually need to know how you were performing at your previous work stations. Thus, when listing your references ensure that the individuals who make it onto your list can adequately describe you. They should be people who are able to communicate positively about your skills, experience and competencies. Before you include any organization or any individual as your referee, inform them beforehand about it.

You should always have different resumes for different kinds of jobs. Your objectives should also change according to the nature of the job available. Some people write one resume and use it to apply to various jobs. This shows a clear lack of direction and personal ambition. Employers can tell when a resume is generic and insincere and are usually uninterested in considering those applicants any further.

Senior management positions are very competitive in any organization. Several people usually apply for the same position. It is thus advisable to be as outstanding as possible. Your resume should be very well organized. Resumes are not supposed to assure you of a position, but it should be able to land you an interview, where you can further wow your potential employer with more specific details about your career and personality.

If you’re applying for a 100K position, you are probably very confident about your capabilities in the field. This confidence must show through in an outstanding resume. Place yourself in your potential employer’s shoes and include only the information they would think is relevant and interesting. By writing your resume carefully in this way, you will have a much better chance of securing a rewarding position in you chosen career path.

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Article Title : Writing a Resume for a 100K Job

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