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Emphasize People Skills and Enthusiasm in Account Manager Resumes
By Emily Sanderson
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Account managers are an essential position in many companies and are often the busy bee that keeps a company's sales moving forward. The specific qualifications of an account manager can vary depending on the type of products or services they sell, but common characteristics of account managers are that they are quick on their feet, enthusiastic, competitive in nature, and enjoy working with people. An account manager resume should emphasize these general skills as well as provide as much information about your transferable skills, those skills you have gained from past work experience which will complement the specific operations of a potential employer.

Emphasize People Skills and Enthusiasm in Account Manager Resumes
The new account manager's office. This office is located in Helsinki, Finland.
When writing a resume for an account manager position, you want to think about how it will help you. A resume can be the ticket to the job of your dreams — if it is written correctly. A resume should include your qualifications and set you apart from others that are applying for the same job. When you are writing your resume, therefore, you want to keep this in mind.

Below your contact information, your account manager resume should begin with a statement of qualifications which will show potential employers that you are the best one for the job. Use present tense verbs with a third person voice, as opposed to using verbs with a first-person voice, which would be appropriate for the bullet construction in the experience section of your resume. The following is an example of an account manager statement of qualifications:
Qualified professional with experience as an account manager. Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. Quick learner who recalls appropriate policies and procedures at ease. Competitive nature and works well under pressure.
When writing these statements, focus on your transferable skills that will best attest to your qualifications for the position for which you are applying. They shouldn't be written like job objectives, which focus on you and what you'd like to see from a job. They should be written instead, to focus on the company and what you can provide them with as you continue your work.

Next, you want to think about your work experience and education. With an account manager resume, your experience is going to be very important. You want to use this portion of your resume to really show the employer that you know your stuff. Read over the job criteria again, review what you've done in the past, and list your experiences in such a way so that they will help you show what you can do for this particular employer in the future. Remember that you want to think carefully about the types of things that you have done in your previous jobs, and use this information to make sure that you can do the same type of work in the future. You might have more experience than you need to put on your account manager resume – but that shouldn't be a problem. A good way to keep track of all of your previous work experience is to first create a master resume, where you list all of your experience as well as your education and your qualifications. When submitting a resume, you can pick and choose to include the information that is most relevant to the position at hand.. By doing this, you should also be able to get a good idea of what you would really like to be doing and which jobs are going to be the best for you.

Account manager positions typically require at least a bachelor's degree although the type of degree may vary. There are many types of account manager positions, and often account managers have an educational background that would support the kind of product or services that they sell, although this is not necessarily a requirement. A common thread between all account managers is that they are people-oriented and can handle speaking on the phone to various clients throughout the day. Account managers are often the busy bees in a company that work with a lot of policies and procedures and must focus on efficiency in order to stay competitive. Account manager positions are often stable jobs that provide benefits as well as a reasonable salary.

Your qualifications are going to be important when you are preparing a resume for an account manager job. Remember that there are probably certifications or qualifications that the employer is looking for – such as being good with numbers, understanding computer software. You need to focus on these types of things because they will help you prove that you are the best candidate for the job. For individuals just starting out in their careers, emphasize your education.

With a well written resume, you will be able to show your employer that you are at the top of the line when it comes to potential employees, and that they should be ready and willing to hire you for any accounts manager jobs that they happen to have open.

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Article Title : Emphasize People Skills and Enthusiasm in Account Manager Resumes

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