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Tips for Learning Your New Job
By Brooke Heath
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Learning a new job can sometimes be overwhelming—especially if you are beginning a new career. ResumeApple offers the following tips to help you become comfortable with your new responsibilities and in your new surroundings.

Attitude is Everything.

Yes, learning new concepts can be tough, but a negative attitude will just make comprehending things that much more difficult. It sounds cliche, but having a positive attitude and telling yourself that you will catch on can really make a difference. Plus, not only will having a positive attitude help you learn, but it will also make your new coworkers want to get to know you.

Meet with Your Boss.

Before you can learn your new job, you need to know exactly what it entails and what is expected of you. During your first week, meet with your boss or supervisor to review in detail what your responsibilities are in your new position. During this time, you may also pick up on some tips regarding how to do certain things.

Just Ask!

Have you heard the adage ''the only dumb question is the one that is never asked''? Well, to some extent, this is true. How do you expect to learn things if you don't ask? Trying to figure everything out on your own can lead to mistakes and possibly even make you look bad. No one expects you to have all of the answers in your first week, so don't be afraid to ask others.


If you are too busy talking, trying to impress everyone with your abundant knowledge, you may miss out on important concepts that are vital to performing your new job. So, for the first few weeks, do more listening and less talking.

Be a ''Note-Taker.''

Be sure to have a notepad and pen handy during your first few weeks of work. Taking notes will provide you with reference points, and for some visual learners, writing down instructions that were given verbally helps your brain process the information that much faster.

Find a Mentor.

You don't have to deem the person your official mentor, but having someone who has been with the company for a while to give you pointers or tips on the company can come in handy. First, he or she can (obviously) answer questions that you may have, and second, if you find a mentor in the right position, it may even help you advance in the company.

Put in a Full Day's Work.

While you are learning the ins and outs of your new position, be prepared to work long days. Arrive early, and leave late. This will not only give you the most time possible to grasp new concepts, but it will also show your superiors that you are dedicated to the job.

Get and Stay Organized.

If you incorporate your new duties into a daily routine, you will be much more likely to remember them and may even learn them faster. This is because your brain can sort through things faster when they are set up as a schedule. Also, clean up your physical work area. Believe it or not, a messy work space can hinder your ability to learn. This also works for computer files that are saved. Sort and organize them in a manner that will allow you to quickly find them when they are needed.

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