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Writing a Flexible Logistics Resume
By Sayaka Seino
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Logistics is a very unique industry because the positions involved are so indispensable and so unstable at the same time. As such, your chances of hire are higher if you are qualified for several different positions. Let your flexibility show through in the resume you submit. Potential employers will want to know all of your relevant skills, so don't be shy about listing them. In a logistics resume, your previous experience will weigh much more heavily than your educational experience.

Writing a Flexible Logistics Resume
In a logistics resume, your previous experience will weigh much more heavily than your educational experience.
The logistics job market offers a wide variety of positions, including those in distribution, shipping, packaging, inventory planning, vendor management, transportation, and warehouse supervision. While job changes are common, a large number of positions remain available at all times.

This means that many people in the logistics field will change jobs a number of times over the course of their career due to layoffs, downsizing, or personal choice. The number of jobs available at a given time in a company may be prone to fluctuation depending on many different factors. This means that flexibility is prized and that it's smart to have a good logistics resume on hand, even if you're currently employed. Here's how to build a resume that's right for the logistics job market:
  • As with other fields, a clear, concise resume is important. Your resume should be easy to read and shouldn't include any unnecessary information. Avoid overly long resumes - a single page remains the standard.

  • Your logistics resume isn't the place to get creative. Unusual or artistic touches tend to speak poorly of a resume unless you're applying for a job in a creative field. Since logistics jobs rarely fit that description, a clean, readable resume is the best choice.

  • Remember to proofread carefully since poor spelling or other errors can decrease your chances of getting a job. It's important to be detail-oriented and organized in a logistics position.

  • Flexibility is a good trait to possess and to emphasize. Emphasize the skills and traits that are appropriate for each specific position rather than creating a single generic resume. You may include the same skills on each resume but highlight those skills that are most applicable to the position you're applying to. If you've held related positions in the past, be sure to include them.

  • Include your accomplishments. Use bullet points to list your qualifications. Use a profile statement or objective to sum up your resume, allowing the hiring personnel reading it to understand it at a glance. Remember that most resumes don't get much more than a glance, so yours should be well phrased and to the point.

  • Indicate whether or not you're willing to relocate for a job. This could be a significant factor in whether or not you get the position, as many employers prefer local employees to those who travel a long distance. The employer may also have a job that's right for you at another location. If moving is an option, you could be considered for jobs you didn't even know about when you put in your application.

  • List technical skills, including special equipment you're able to operate and certifications you may have, as well as skills relating to communication and interacting with people. The ability to communicate well on paper and verbally is vital to securing a good logistics position. If you have particularly good communication abilities, it's important to let your potential employers know about them through your resume! These skills are very important in any kind of logistics work.
    Writing a Flexible Logistics Resume
    If moving is an option, you could be considered for jobs you didn't even know about when you put in your application.

  • Less important is the specific education you underwent to get those skills. While education is important on a logistics resume, it's not as important as what you can do in the position. Include your education information, but make it brief and unobtrusive. Work experience should be listed chronologically.

  • Other skills to emphasize when writing a logistics resume include the ability to build long term relationships, good organizational skills, time management, and the ability to use major office software and other computer programs. A four year degree is not required as long as you possess the relevant skills, but it's important to have some prior experience in an appropriate field.

  • Include any training you've had in NAFTA regulations as well as any in an ERP environment. If you have previous domestic freight experience, employers like to see that as well.
Logistics positions are an important part of our infrastructure, and are required to keep things running smoothly. This means that, even though turnover and job structure changes are frequent, good logistics workers will almost always be able to find a position.

Keeping your resume current and flexible and highlighting all of your appropriate skills is one way to improve your chances in the job market. The right logistics resume could be the tool that gets you the perfect job. Take the time to look through yours carefully and compare it to samples you find online. Almost every logistics resume can be improved with a few tweaks. Remember – you only get a few minutes to make a great impression. The right resume can help you do that.

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Article Title : Writing a Flexible Logistics Resume

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