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For a Selling Position, You Must First Sell Yourself in a Winning Resume
By Sayaka Seino
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The key to creating a winning resume for a selling position is to make sure each piece of information is directly applicable to the position you're applying for. If it isn't relative to the position, then don't include it; potential employers don't have time to read unnecessary information. By taking other precautions like researching the company ahead of time to find out which skills and qualifications to emphasize, keeping your resume free of any grammatical errors, and using an attractive and memorable format, you'll have a resume that is sure to impress.

For a Selling Position, You Must First Sell Yourself in a Winning Resume
Tailoring your resume specifically to the position you’re applying for will be your greatest selling point.
The ability to sell is very important for the success of any business. If you are in a selling position, you are expected to make the company's product or service competitive in its market. In order to do this you must be able to research rival companies to position your company strategically and create and implement innovative new strategies to get ahead of the competition. When writing a resume for a selling position, you must highlight the strengths and experiences you possess that will convince your potential employer that you are capable of handling a job of this magnitude.

Researching in depth about the specific selling position you're applying for will make you stand out to the potential employer. Keeping in mind that competition is tight because of high unemployment rates, it is advisable to be knowledgeable about the needs of the company and what specific skill sets they are looking for. This way, you will know what skills to emphasize on your resume.

Every section you provide on your resume should be written keeping the company's needs in mind. By focusing on what you can do for the company rather than what the company can do for you, you will produce a powerful resume that is sure to impress.

Starting with your personal contact information, make sure the information you provide is accurate, easy to read, and presented attractively. Your name should stand out at the very top in bold or a larger font, or even in all caps. This will help make your resume more memorable. The mailing address, phone number, and email address you provide must be current and easily reachable. One of the worst things that can happen is for a potential employer to call you for an interview only to find you've provided a bad number.

List your educational qualifications in chronological order. Again, keeping the specific position in mind, highlight any coursework, internships, or special projects you've done that are directly related to the job description at hand. This will give the potential employer a better idea of your capabilities and the value you would add to their company.

Your previous work experiences will also be very valuable in a selling resume. Include detailed job descriptions, especially those similar to the position for which you're applying. An effective way to do this may be to briefly describe your responsibilities in a short paragraph, then use bullet points underneath it to highlight your major accomplishments and the specific results you were able to bring forth with your selling skills. By keeping your descriptions results-oriented in this way, you will make it easier for your potential employer to visualize what you could do for him. Try to be as specific as possible about your achievements; for example, ''I helped increase the monthly company turnover by 90%.''

If there are any other skills or experiences that would better showcase your abilities applicable to a selling position, they may be included in an additional section. These may include computer skills, other technical skills, and additional languages you may know.

Throughout your resume, you must choose your words carefully. Do not try to be too technical or fancy; you should strive to be concise and relevant while choosing words that are high-impact. Using keywords related to the selling position you're applying for is also recommended. In order to know which keywords to use, it is advisable to browse the company website and any other literature they may have out. It is also advisable to use active verbs in your descriptions. Of course, you want to take every precaution to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors.

If you've thought through every piece of information you include in your resume to make sure it's applicable to the position you're applying for, your resume is ready for submission. Crafting your resume in this way will show your potential employer that you know what you're doing and have put forth adequate effort to get the job, which will be your most valuable selling point. Obtaining your dream selling job always begins with being able to sell yourself to an employer.

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Article Title : For a Selling Position, You Must First Sell Yourself in a Winning Resume

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