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Tailor Your Resume for an Educational Executive Job
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In spite of having the right kind of experience for the jobs that you apply for, you are not able to get a call from the recruiters. It's more frustrating when you find that you are holding a similar profile but the recruiters are simply not interested in you. You have the knowledge, qualification, achievements, and are just one call away from your dream job but the phone never rings, no mails either. This article may change the way you go for job hunting. What's wrong and how to set it on.

Tailor Your Resume for an Educational Executive Job
Looking for an educational executive job? Get important resume tips here.
Many a times it happens that you see an advertisement for a position that looks absolutely tailor-made for you. You have the right kind of experience, qualification, and have been holding an exact profile. You know that you can do this job like an expert, better than anybody else and it comes to you just naturally. It's always in your mind how to respond to various challenges related to this job. You are pretty confident that once your application lands in the hands of the recruiter, she would immediately call you up to fix up an appointment for further discussions. You check your resume…looks fine, add a covering letter, and mail it. You are sure that in a few days, you would be holding the new position at a new place.

Days change into weeks and weeks into month and then you decide to call up at the given number to know the status of your application only to find out that the position has already been filled. You console yourself somehow but find that the same story is repeated again and again and again. What's wrong? Is it the fate?

How many of you reading this article, have found yourself in a similar situation so often? Looks like that the number is quite high. First of all, let's assure you that it's not the fate! Possibility is that you are even better than the person who was selected for the job. Then how did it happen? Why your application was so ignored that you didn't get even an interview call to present your candidature? Did the selected person have better connections?

We can't be sure for the last question but if every time your job application doesn't translate into an interview call, then the problem has to be found at your level. The biggest possibility is that your application-your resume is NOT HIGHLIGHTING your career achievements and making your profile unsuitable for the job. You know what you are but the recruiter doesn't know that until and unless you have joined the illustrious list of who's who in the industry. If your resume isn't well crafted, then the chances are that you are just swelling the recruiters' databanks. Still worst, you may end up getting calls for a position that is comparatively junior or not matching with what you are actually looking for.

The problem is not as grave as it appears to be but it needs to be tackled from a recruiter's perspective and in view of growing competition in the job market, its better to take professional help so that you don't miss any opportunity. This is where you need the services of resume writers. Resume writers are like marketing scriptwriters. You provide them the necessary information about the product i.e. you and they will do the nice packaging job to place the product (you) in the job market in a manner that grabs the recruiter's attention. When you are applying for a job, your representative… your resume should market your skills well to improve your chances. Resume writers are thus persons, who can read the minds of HR managers, create the plot like scriptwriters and have the mind of a marketer.

How resume writers can change an ordinary resume in to a beautifully crafted crisp resume can be seen from the below example.

Suppose there is a suitable vacancy for the position of Provost in a well-known institute. The job requires the incumbent to have a similar experience for at least last 2 years and an overall experience of 15 years with a reputed educational institute. The qualification for such higher position jobs is Doctorate or at least Masters Degree. Accordingly, the resume can begin with a professional summary, highlighting the abilities of the applicant followed by the experience, achievements, education, personal and other details. The summary may begin with:

''Senior Administrator, having Masters degree with over 15 year of experience in managing higher education institute, experienced in setting organizational goals, developing policies, procedures and administrative functions, possess excellent communication, leadership and interpersonal skills...''

In the subsequent paragraphs, where experience is to be highlighted, the resume should carry information about how current profile matches with the job profile:
  • Set the higher standards of education in the institute leading to improved education quality, better learning outcomes and higher satisfaction among teachers, students and the community
  • Adopting innovative, latest teaching methodologies to achieve the best results
  • Developing annual budget and ensuring the planned budgetary outflow of the funds. Experienced in fundraising.
  • Supervising academic progress, teachers' performance, staff performance
  • Coaching, guiding, and mentoring the team
  • Recruitment, talent retention, and planning career growth for the staff
What is notable is that none of this detail is given in the job description. Simply writing that you are working as Provost also means that you would be having the above stated profile and capabilities. But then this is the age of marketing. A little bit of explaining of responsibilities and your achievements can separate you from the crowd.

This is just a small example of how a resume writer can draw a recruiter's attention on your papers. You have the experience; you are the most suitable candidate so you deserve this attention. Resume writers are only making your and recruiter's job easy. Normally, your résumé's first page is going to be a deciding factor. That's why you need to focus on this section.

You need more than one copy of resume that should highlight your achievements with a few changes here and there to make it perfect for a few other similar jobs as well. It's worth trying to use services of professional resume writers who thoroughly understand what the recruiters are really looking for in your profile. You can surely write a good resume but you might not understand the needs of recruiter. Why take chances with your career and lose more opportunities. Put your talent in the right direction. Use professional resume writing services for getting your dream job. These are worth the money you spend and the opportunities that you have already lost.

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Article Title : Tailor Your Resume for an Educational Executive Job

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