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Importance of Additional Information in Resumes
By Gina Watson
The additional information section although placed last on the resume and is optional, it holds great importance in making a strong statement about you. This section not only exhibits your enthusiasm to learn new things but also helps in sketching your personality beyond the work environment.

What is crucial is to leave out irrelevant content, which otherwise would not only make the resume unfocused, but you could also lose your last chance to secure an interview. You need to incorporate information that will assist you in achieving your goals and that which will market your skills to hiring managers.

Given below are a few ideas as to what you should include in this section:
  • Language Skills:
    Languages that you are fluent in or have strong knowledge of, whether native or foreign, can be listed under this heading.
  • Computer Skills:
    Any additional training that you have had in computers should be included. Even if you have a good knowledge of certain things but are not certified for it, you could include it here.
  • Publications:
    You should mention all writing engagements that you have been involved in. For instance, if you have authored or co-authored a book, mention all the details including dates of publication.
  • Patents:
    List, if any, all contributions towards patents. Patents pending should also be listed.
  • Speeches and Seminars:
    Whether it be work-related forums, keynote speeches, in-house presentations or presentations to other agencies, you need to mention it under this heading. Remember that public speaking is a desirable skill for numerous occupations and you need to use this section well to impress potential employers.
  • Additional Training:
    Training of any kind that may not be directly related to the field you are targeting but can showcase transferable skills should be included. Whether they are programs for which you have been awarded a certificate, or an informal training, you need to include it if it is related to your job search in any way.
  • Volunteer Work:
    Community involvement of any kind along with the name of the organization, location and the dates through which you served as a member, need to be mentioned. Of note, if you have been involved involunteer work during a period of unemployment, it can be mentioned in the work experience section. This kind of work is as important and valuable as any other paid job.
  • Professional Affiliations:
    Memberships, especially those relevant to your current job search, should be added to your resume under this heading. Along with the names of the organizations, mention the date. If your membership has expired and has no relevance to your search field, leave it out. However, if it has a relevance to your current search, you need to mention it, whether current or expired.
What should be omitted from the additional information section:

Information such as age, marital status, number of children, religion, etc, should be completely avoided while crafting a resume. Even if you have extraordinary hobbies and interests, do not mention it unless you believe that they are directly related to your job search and that they reveal characteristics about you that would be deemed desirable by employers.

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Article Title : Importance of Additional Information in Resumes

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