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The articles in this section cover topics ranging from common resume blunders to understanding hiring managers' criteria.


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Classified Ads: Exactly Where the Jobs Aren't

Classified ads account for only about 5 percent of job openings, so don't spend all of your time answering ads.

Professional Resumes Receives Highest Rating

Professional Resumes Merits 5-Star Rating From Review Place.

Top 5 common resume mistakes and how to avoid them

If you have ever tried to write a resume, for yourself or for someone you know, you are already familiar with the fact that this is not an easy task to take on. So much information goes into a resume; from your career objective to the list of your qualifications, your resume should be personal, convey confidence and set your best foot forward in order to impress a potential employer. However, creating a winning resume is not easy. The following are the most commonly made mistakes in resume composition:

5 things you should never include in your resume

Composing a resume is a difficult task, as we all know. It takes time and patience to fit your whole professional history within one or two pages, and present yourself as the best candidate for the job. While we focus so much of our energy on what to include in our resumes, we forget to stop and think about the information that should never be included. The following five items are at the top of the Resume Don’ts list:

Education Professionals Require Professional Resumes
By Emily Sanderson

With our population increasing each year, schools are in desperate need of teachers. If you are looking into going into a teaching profession, then you must be aware of the requirement of professional resumes. Make sure you know what fields you seek to pursue. The United States is making cutbacks in the education system in areas such as art, journalism, music and physical education. Because of this, wealthy parents are enrolling their students in afterschool activities, which are included in private school institutions. If you are planning to go in this direction, remember that you will need at least 3-5 years teaching experience and reliable recommendations. However, if you are thinking about going in a different direction with your career, begin thinking about what experience you are going to include and what your objective will be. If you feel you need help, ResumeApple's writers have many resources to help you create a resume that will help you get that teaching position you have been seeking.

The Four Noble Truths About Marketing Your Resume
By Lancelot Larsen

When you submit your resume, yours will be one of many, stacked in a pile on your employer's desk. You'll want your resume to stand out, to be the one that catches the breath of your potential employer. To do so, you want to keep these four things in mind: Know Your Market, Be the Employer, Find Your Function-Accomplishment Balance, and Get Some Style. Knowing your market simply means that you will want to do some research with the company for which you are applying. By being the employer, you'll write your resume as if you were the one reading it. Finding the function-accomplishment balance is writing your resume in such a way that where you have worked blends perfectly with the impact it had on you. The style of your resume is also important. If you are bored with Times New Roman, trying using different fonts, such as: Garamond, Book Antiqua, or Palatino Linotype. Don't stray from these fonts, though. Also, never go below 10.5 font or above 12. You'll want your resume to be professional looking, but slightly different to catch the eye of your employer. By following these guidelines, your chances for getting hired will be greater.

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"Working as a paralegal for the past ten years while taking care of my kids, I have found it hard to get my foot in the door for more serious positions. I thought I might have been presenting myself poorly, so I paid for a resume edit. The new version was so different and more detailed than my original. If only I had thought of this stuff ten years ago! Thanks for helping me with this. After completing coursework for my degree this term, I think I may finally be able to land a new position."
R.W. , Manchester, NH
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