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The articles in this section cover topics ranging from common resume blunders to understanding hiring managers' criteria.


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The Difference between ''Work-Experience'' and ''Accomplishment Record'' in a Resume

Even professional resume writers often have unclear concepts and become confused when it comes to ''work-experience'' vis-a-vis ''accomplishment record'' in a resume. The reason is that both these functional parts of a resume have overlapping areas, and seem so similar that few feel the need to delve into the principles of resume writing and distinctly separate ''work-experience'' from ''accomplishment record.'' Another reason, of course, is that both the functional areas can be bundled and presented under the single heading of ''work-experience'' without the loss of meaning or purpose.

Using Your Resume and Cover Letter to Make Your Case

Most of us forget that a resume is essentially a legal document. It contains claims that are accepted on good faith by the recruiter, and the recruiter is expected to act upon them. Naturally, a job application has the structure of submission of a case: The first part, including the cover letter and the top of the resume up to and including the objective statement, is the region where you make your claims and promote them. The second part is the rest of the resume and addendum, and it contains the evidence to support your claims.

Exploring Professional Resume Writing Jobs

Do you have a knack for writing resumes? If so you need to be aware of the fact that your skills may very well be in demand. Not many people have a clear idea of what is needed to craft a decent resume. This is simply because they lack the experience needed to put together a high quality resume. For someone that does have this experience, a rewarding career may be possible. Yes, professional resume writers are frequently in demand. If you seek out professional resume writer jobs, you may be surprised to find out how lucrative the job can potentially be.

Some Helpful Job Interview Tips to Boost Your Chances of Landing Employment

You have sent your resume out to the job listing that interested you the most. A little bit of time has gone by and no response was received. Then, out of the blue, your phone rings. You are being called in for an interview! Certainly, this is cause for celebration! Well, it is definitely something you want to celebrate and it also needs to be something you approach cautiously.

Stick with Professional Resume Writers

What is the most important component to being seriously considered for a job? During the initial application stage, mostly everything will come down to the quality of your resume. No, a resume is not going to automatically land you the job. No one is suggesting that it will. However, you will need to have a solid resume in place in order to present a clear indication of your skills, education, and experience. The resume is the first thing that the person reviewing the applicants will see. That means it needs to be highly impressive. That is why you need to hire professional resume writers as opposed to trying to do it on your own.

First Name_Last Name_Resume.Doc: Optimizing a Digital Resume

Optimizing a resume is necessary from a practical point of view, and flowery words or your literary flair cannot substitute the use of power words or keywords when effectiveness of the document is considered. Your resume is a functional document: Neither an autobiography, nor a literary piece going for awards. Optimization of a resume is required for increasing its functionality, and a resume is successful only if it can get you an interview - how great it looks or reads is irrelevant if it fails in its purpose. This article provides tips for optimizing a digital resume.

Being Overqualified Can Kill Your Job Prospects: Toning Down Your Resume

Rejection from jobs for being overqualified is a far more serious situation than usual joblessness. The reason is that overqualified candidates are usually senior people or at their mid-careers. Continued rejection can quickly ruin their careers, as gaps in stellar resumes are harder to explain, and growing age starts to work against them. In spite of all the laws and regulations, age-bias exists in workplaces and there are few employers ready to accommodate a senior executive in a line job.

Ten Point Checklist to Review Your Resume

There's no need to tell you what a resume is all about, you already know that. If you are looking for ways on how to create or write your own resume, there are several articles that deal with that topic. In this resume tips article, we deal specifically on going over a finished resume and trying to improve it as much as possible. The ten tips given here are not groundbreaking discoveries, but provide a checklist for you to review your resume.

Creating a Resume for a Part-time Job

Part-time jobs no more carry the tag of ''something is better than nothing'' but are serious positions that need committed employees. Part-times jobs are not any more for passing time but have become essential for building experience, getting exposure, and provide support while you focus your energies off the job to pursue your actual dreams.

Tackling Salary Questions in a Job Application

The issue of salary expectations is the most important and the most vexing to deal with in job applications, cover letters, or resumes. A vague statement about salary expectations can negate your chances for a job, and on the other hand inflexible salary expectations pose a risk of rejection in a tight job market. Tackling the issue requires considerable application of mind and the manner of stating your salary expectations should vary from case to case according to the information you possess about the concerned potential employer.

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