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Relevancy is Important in a Biotech Resume
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As with a position in any scientific field, the resume you write for a biotechnology position should be no-nonsense and straightforward. The first things a potential employer will look at are educational qualifications and professional background. Specificity and relevancy is the key. You will be able to impress your potential employer by displaying your selling points clearly, accurately, and concisely in a well-organized, well-proofread resume.

Relevancy is Important in a Biotech Resume
You will be able to impress your potential employer by displaying your selling points clearly, accurately, and concisely in a well-organized, well-proofread resume.
Biotechnology is a broad term covering the act of engineering the biological characteristics of any living organism. From the early practice of selective breeding to modern genetic engineering, the field has a large variety of positions available. When applying for a biotech position, a resume is needed just like for any other profession. Remember that your resume is intended to get you an interview, not a job, so it needs to be well planned out and concise. There is plenty of time to go deeper into your experiences and background during the interview.

The main focus of your resume should be to make it specific to the biotech position for which you are applying. Find out what the job requires and make your resume a custom fit. Research not only the job description but the company's mission and outlook as well. Biotech companies typically look for individuals who can think creatively, follow rigorous scientific methodology, and have the ability to quickly learn new information. There are a number of skills applicable to the biotech industry; it is just a matter of understanding what the employer wants in order for you to provide the right information in your resume.

The length of the resume should be limited to a single page, unless you have ten or more years of experience, in which two pages should be the maximum. Although seemingly insufficient in size, the resume's true purpose is to catch your potential employer's attention. The potential employer is reading a large quantity of resumes, so it needs to be short and to the point so he can glean the necessary information from a brief browsing.

Relevancy is Important in a Biotech Resume
The first things a potential employer will look at are educational qualifications and professional background.
If you do not have experience yet in the biotech field and are a recent graduate, you should focus on work performed while you were a student. Work that is published, major school achievements and awards, and honors with which you graduated are all accomplishments worth mentioning. From them, specific skill sets can be described that will be applicable to the position you are applying for. If you've been in the work force for some time but are still considered entry level for a biotech job, then you will have experiences with skills that are transferable to the desired position. Writing your resume will be a matter of applying skills acquired from a previous line of work to the one you hope to get into.

When it comes to describing your biotechnological experience, the resume should favor results over general descriptions. For example, instead of saying that you ''worked on project x,'' be more specific by saying something like, ''worked on project x, which landed a half million dollar grant for my previous employer.'' A potential employer needs to be able to see that you will deliver results that will be highly profitable for them; otherwise you won't necessarily be considered for hire.

When it comes to expertise, you should list those skills that will be favorably regarded by the potential employer. Examples of specific skills can include laboratory skills, animal handling, project management, and fiscal skills (useful for handling grant funds). Computer skills are also highly regarded and sought after. If you have good skills acquired from working in different industries or sciences, keep transferability and relevancy in mind.

Skills learned while you were a student can be highlighted and be found useful to a future employer. In addition, you can include test scores, such as the SAT and GRE. The idea is to translate your education into marketable skills.

When actually typing up the resume, it is important to keep the resume looking professional. Within the application process, the resume is what has to get your foot in the door. In the biotech industry, communication is key because of the extent of collaborative efforts that exist out there. If you cannot effectively sell yourself in your resume, your potential employer will not be convinced of your collaborative skills.

Everyone in the sciences and biotech fields uses email as their primary form of contact, so it is important to include one. Having one's own website is also a plus, since it gives you space in which to expand upon items in your resume.

The biotech industry is an exciting and rewarding industry to get into and an effective resume can help you get your foot in the door. By using the above guidelines to include only the most relevant information in your resume, you are on your way to landing an interview and, hopefully, a new career.

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Article Title : Relevancy is Important in a Biotech Resume

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