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Writing a Position-Oriented Resume for an Energy Position
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It is most unfortunate when a qualified professional is unable to land a great job simply because his qualifications are understated on his resume. In order to avoid making this mistake, a resume for an energy position should be position-oriented. This means thoroughly researching the position ahead of time to know exactly what it entails, then applying that to your resume so that the appropriate skills and qualifications are highlighted. With a position-oriented resume, your potential employer will be able to recognize right away that you are a perfect fit for the job.

Writing a Position-Oriented Resume for an Energy Position
Show in your resume that you would fit the open position like a glove.
Interestingly, although many professionals are highly qualified for a number of potential positions in their respective fields, most fail to market themselves effectively. Thus, they never reach their true potential simply because their resumes do not paint an accurate picture to their potential employers.

This includes those in the energy industry. Even though most people who work in the field of energy and energy production are very professionally qualified, they fail to market themselves to potential employers effectively through their resumes, leaving them to accept positions they are overqualified for. In order to make your resume the most competitive it can be and secure a position you deserve, you must understand what employers in the energy field want and need.

The most effective type of resume in the energy industry as well as many other industries is a position-oriented resume. Position-oriented resumes show how and why you are the perfect fit for the position you’re applying for. This is different from the classical theory of resume-writing where you try to sell yourself to the employer. A position-oriented resume will show the potential employer why and how you will be a tremendous asset to his or her company by proving you have the skills and knowledge required to not only successfully fill the position, but to excel to the profit and advantage of the employer.

This takes a bit of creativity and practice, but if you can prove through your resume that you are the best candidate for the position, it doesn’t matter how many years of experience you have. For example, in the energy sector you may be applying for a position as a calculations expert for thermal stresses within a reactor. This is a very technical job which requires profound mathematical efficacy. If you do not have experience in this position yet, you need to mold your resume to show that you would be able to pick it up easily because of other strengths you already possess. For example, strength in calculations would be great to include here.

The strength of the position-oriented approach to writing a resume is the simple fact that your resume will appeal to an employer who is swamped with resumes of people who are just as credentialed as you. Your resume will read like a blueprint for the perfect employee. This is guaranteed to be a sight for sore eyes in the case of an employer who sifts through resumes full of school names and accolades, but has no idea what type of person is really applying for the position. When an employer can clearly visualize the kind of person you are and how you would be a good investment to the company, you have a much greater chance of scoring the interview.

You also need to make sure the physical presentation of your resume is top notch. This means that not only is it attractive with boldfaced headings and consistent spacing, it has logical flow, is easy to read, and stands out because you mention the exact needs of the position you are applying for. Obviously, in order to list the exact needs of a given position, you need to know what these needs are. This is where a bit of research becomes necessary. You will make a great impression if you contact the company ahead of time to find out more specifically what they are looking for in an applicant. This is how you can wow a potential employer by fulfilling his or her needs to a T.

Always remember to check for proper grammar, punctuation, and try not to use too much field-specific jargon when it is superfluous or unnecessary. Employers are looking for honest, effective workers; not foolhardy braggarts who talk big but have little to show for it. By providing a well-written position-oriented resume, you will be a step ahead of other applicants on your way to obtaining the energy position you deserve.

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Article Title : Writing a Position-Oriented Resume for an Energy Position

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