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How to Communicate in a Telecom Resume
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A resume for a telecommunications position must be well-organized and focused. Adequate research on the company must be done ahead of time in order to know which specific skills and qualifications the potential employer will be looking for. In order to keep the tone of the resume focused and clear, make sure every piece of information you include relates directly back to your objective or profile statement. Be specific about the previous experiences you want to describe to enhance your qualification for the job and use keywords and industry related jargon wisely. In this way you can create a telecom resume that is sure to communicate your qualifications successfully.

How to Communicate in a Telecom Resume
When writing a resume for a telecom position, the wise usage of keywords and industry related jargon may help show your competency in the field.
Telecommunication is the transmission of signals over a certain distance for the purpose of communication. A person working in a telecom position ensures that the telephone lines are kept open. Their major role is installation and repairing, as well as maintenance of telephone lines and other telecommunication lines and cables.

Proficiency in this field as well as knowledge of the company you are applying for should show through in the resume you write. It is important to be clear, concise, and professional, but it is just as important that the content is relevant, results-oriented, and well informed.

All resumes must include current and accurate personal contact information. This includes your full name, permanent address, a phone number at which you can easily be reached, and a professional email address.

A good industry specific resume for a telecom position should include a career objective or profile statement that is specific to the telecom job being applied for. This should be clear, specific and achievable. It should be clear enough to show the potential employer what you are able to offer his company and how it will benefit him. This must be stated memorable within just a few lines as it will set the tone for the rest of your resume.

A resume writer is normally the product and the potential employer is the buyer. Therefore you must be able to successfully and powerfully market yourself (the product) through your resume. Extensive research about the needs of the buyer, in this case the potential employer, is necessary. When applying for a telecom job you should research in depth about the skills, qualifications, and general expectations of the company and the open position. This will guide you to know what information should be emphasized for your resume to reach maximum potency.

Before applying to a telecom position, you must have attained the education requirements as indicated in the job specifications. Most employers in this field will require a college degree. After verifying that you have what it takes, then list your educational qualifications chronologically starting with the most recent degree earned. Include the name of the institution attended, the degrees earned, and courses studied if applicable. If you are an entry level applicant in the telecom field, your education should be listed first before professional experience, as you probably don’t have enough work experience to really be convincing to a potential employer yet. Internships will also help boost your image in the eyes of the employer. Volunteer work may also be included, especially if relevant to the field of telecommunications.

Use active verbs and keywords to describe your achievements, skills and accomplishments. This helps the employer to perceive you as a proactive employee who took an active part in the previous company, hence an asset to the company. Words like: planned, organized, managed, developed, identified, and trained help communicate to the potential employer that you were involved and active. In this regard, it is advisable for those writing a resume for a telecom position to review the company’s website regularly in order to be guided as to which keywords to use.

In conclusion, an industry specific resume should be clear and concise for the resume reader to easily follow and understand. It should be customized to fit the requirements of the prospective employer in all aspects. Relate your previous experiences with the new job by highlighting transferable skills. List the information that is most relevant to the job you are applying for, and you are sure to catch your potential employer’s attention.

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Article Title : How to Communicate in a Telecom Resume

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