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Is this America's leading professional resume writing service? Yes   No
Does this service guarantee results? Yes   No
Is this a serious company? Yes   Unlikely
Does this service take a personalized approach to resume writing? Yes   No
Do the resume writers pay strict attention to detail? Yes   Unlikely
Does this service allow you to have a voice in the creation of the final work product? Yes   Maybe
Is this service made just for you? Yes   No
Does this service guarantee your confidentiality? Yes   No
Does this service use independent contractors or part-time staff? No   Yes
Does this service offer competitive rates and quick turnaround? Yes   Maybe


Preferred Resumes is America's leading professional resume writing service.

Preferred Resumes is America's leading professional resume writing service. We're known for drafting exceptional resumes and cover letters for a diverse range of professionals.

Our professional writers keep your individual needs in mind and craft your documents accordingly. Check out our sample resumes to see the Preferred Resumes difference.

If you need a student resume, student cover letter, professional resume, professional cover letter, executive resume, or executive cover letter, Preferred Resumes knows how to make you stand out from your competitors. Our specialty areas include business school resume writing, IT resume writing, legal resume writing, and advertising resume writing, among others.

At Preferred Resumes we guarantee results.

At Preferred Resumes we work for you. Our resume writers always strive to get you the perfect resume the first time, every time. But if your needs change, if you want to alter or add information, or if you just want to go with a new look, we're here to help. We're so confident we can give you what you want that we guarantee you won't pay for any revisions for three full months after you sign up. Anything from moving a comma to changing every word on the page will not cost you one cent. Further revision time is available for an additional fee. Simply email us with your contract number and the changes you'd like made, and we'll produce a new draft of your resume. It's that simple.

Preferred Resumes is a serious company.

Many resume companies are part-time or even one-person operations. Such businesses generally do not accept payment by credit card and are unable to offer quality customer service. Preferred Resumes is part of a large international conglomerate that extends to such diverse fields as marketing, banking, advertising, real estate, legal recruiting, and career resources.

When you deal with such a serious company, you benefit greatly from its experience, accountability, deep insight, and commitment to service and quality. It would be hard to find another resume company with the qualities we possess.


At Preferred Resumes we take a personalized approach to resume writing.

At Preferred Resumes we follow the philosophy that in order to draft a resume that truly highlights a client's strengths we need to first fully understand that client's strong points and weak points. In getting to know our clients the first step is to have them fill out a questionnaire and upload any necessary existing documents to our database.

The information provided is then reviewed by a customer service representative who will email the respective clients notifying them of the respective receipt dates for their resumes and other employment documents. One of our writers will then review all of your information and email or call you if he or she has any additional questions. Our writer will then compose your first draft and upload it to our database. This will take no more than five business days. You will get an email notifying you once your resume has been uploaded. You will then have the opportunity to inspect your first draft and request revisions. Your writer will continue to revise your documents for up to three months until you are completely satisfied. Turnaround time for each subsequent revision is two to five business days.

Your writer will always be available for you. Our state-of-the-art system and message board are the perfect tools for collaborating with our clients. They allow your writer to work with you throughout the process to ensure that the final product is both something that he or she thinks will maximize your chances in your job search and something that you're satisfied with. This happy medium may be difficult to achieve, but that is why we will involve you in the process from start to finish.

We offer the same level of care and expertise when we draft cover letters and professional biographies for our clients as well. Since a well-written cover letter can demonstrate your conviction and enthusiasm for the position for which you are applying, we take the construction of your cover letter very seriously. Our team of expert writers also understands the importance of a well-written professional biography when it comes to solidifying the confidence of your existing customers and clients and gaining the trust of potential clients. Consequently, we extend the same amount of care and time to the construction of professional biographies for those clients who request them as we do for resumes and cover letters.

At Preferred Resumes we pay strict attention to detail.

Many people, including some who run resume writing businesses, erroneously believe that anyone can write a resume. However, resume writing is as serious a business as any other. A resume writer needs to be exceptionally detail-oriented. For instance, a resume's spacing and formatting are extremely critical. The end result needs to be absolutely perfect. Anything less is unacceptable.

A perfect resume demonstrates flawless attention to detail. There can be no mistakes when it comes to facts. Even a tiny mistake can cost an individual his or her hard-earned job opportunity. Therefore, resume writing is best left to the experts. The experts at Preferred Resumes create resumes that exceed the expectations of the most experienced and detail-oriented professionals.

Preferred Resumes allows you to have a voice in the creation of the final work product.

Your resume order can be a total reconstruction or a slight makeover. It's up to you. Your resume writer will work with you throughout the process to ensure that the final product is both something that he or she thinks will maximize your chances in your job search and something that you're satisfied with. This happy medium may be difficult to achieve, but that is why we will involve you in the process from start to finish.

You will have the opportunity to work with your writer on unlimited revisions through our state-of-the-art message board and database for up to three months. Our unique form of client contact allows us to be highly efficient and always accessible to our clients. Turnaround time for each subsequent revision is two to five business days.

And while we believe that the template for your resume and cover letter should be chosen with the aim of displaying your qualifications effectively, we still want the writing process to be as collaborative as possible. So any input you have about the style of your resume and/or cover letter will be taken into account.


Preferred Resumes is made just for you.

At Preferred Resumes we take pride in our core values. Our passion is and always has been to deliver the best quality of services and products to our clients.

It is our conviction that the best way to help people is to assist them with finding work. Gainfully employed people improve their own lives and the lives of others. Therefore, we endeavor to contribute to society in a way no one else can.

Preferred Resumes guarantees your confidentiality.

Yes, our website is secure. When you sign up for our services, your credit card information will be kept confidential, as will any documents you may upload to our database. We will never give out any of your personal information or use your documents as samples on our website without your permission.

We do not use independent contractors or part-time staff; our staff is made up of professional, full-time writers.

Most resume writing companies employ independent service providers or subcontract their work to freelancers. Many of these people work part-time as they are involved in other gainful activities elsewhere. This can lessen their motivation to write with dedication and commitment.

Preferred Resumes directly employs full-time writers who have extensive experience. Therefore, your information is treated with the attention and the discretion it truly deserves. In addition, our resume writers spend as much time as is necessary to understand your needs before they draft your resume. Writing a resume does not mean simply creating a list of skills and accomplishments and then checking for spelling and grammar mistakes. It is a job best tackled by a professional with considerable expertise.

Preferred Resumes's writers have that expertise when it comes to resume writing and keeping track of current market trends. They truly understand the impact a strategic and impeccable resume can have on a potential employer. Our clients put their faith in us because they know we can deliver brilliantly executed professional resumes.

Preferred Resumes offers competitive rates and a quick turnaround.

Preferred Resumes's team is composed of professional resume writers who take as few as five business days to draft your career documents. What's more is that our writers do this with a high level of individual attention and strict attention to detail. They work with you one-on-one on unlimited revisions through our message board and database free of charge for up to three months. Our professional resume writers specialize in writing resumes for professionals from virtually every specialty area. Preferred Resumes concentrates on only one business: writing top-quality resumes, cover letters, and professional biographies.

The best part about Preferred Resumes is that we offer competitive rates for the detailed work that we do. Moreover, we have numerous discount packages that can save you even more money.

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"Thank you so much for my letter. It looks great and is in line with my expectations. This letter seems to convey much more enthusiasm. I truly appreciate your quick response."
H.D. , Kansas City, MO
"For months, I was struggling to find a new position. My firm was downsizing, and I had to act fast. I signed up for a new cover letter explaining the situation and was greeted with a very thorough and professional letter filled with tact. Now, thanks to your help, I have a new position for the long term. I really appreciate all the help I received during this difficult time. Thanks a lot."
H.G. , Baton Rouge, LA
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