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Cover Letter Tips

The articles in this section cover topics ranging from common resume blunders to understanding hiring managers' criteria.


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Letters for Every Job Situation

Letters are powerful, useful tools in your job search. To work well, however, they need to be well written and look professional, matching your resume. They must also have correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, present your ideas well and clearly, be in the proper format, and accurately show names, addresses, and titles.

The Structure of a Basic Cover Letter

Your own individually prepared letters will be most effective for displaying your capabilities. However, not everyone feels comfortable writing such potentially important letters. Also, you may need to get the letter out quickly and wish to minimize the time required to compose your own letters.

The Format of a Basic Business Letter

Business letters are typically written in fairly rigid formats which must be followed to avoid negative evaluation of your correspondence. Some flexibility exists in layout and style, but virtually all letters require:

Preparing a Thank-You Letter, an Executive Search Firm Application Letter and an Offer Confirmation Letter


Thank you letters are always sent to interviewers on the day following the interview. They are also usually sent to those who provided networking information, advice, or other assistance.

Crafting a Cover Letter

Unless we have done something, and done it many times over, we cannot say we have acquired the skill to do it. A cover letter is something that one has to spend time over, thinking and constructing it in a manner to meet its purpose.

What is the proper tone of a cover letter?
By Megan Brooks

Cover letters serve as an introduction to your resume and professional profile. It is seen first, before the employer looks at your resume. It would be logical to assume then, that the employer will make a 'first assessment' of your candidacy based on the cover letter that you submit. Your cover letter therefore, should convey:

A Professional Cover Letter

There are plenty of opportunities waiting to be seized in the market, however, it is a sad fact that many are still unemployed. Each year, universities and colleges produce fresh graduates, and competition is extremely high. You may wonder how it is possible to face so much of competition with other applicants, but did you know that you could start by writing a good cover letter?

Business Cover Letter writing

Once you have your resume prepared, you must focus on crafting out a professional business cover letter. Being one of the most important tools that will eventually lead you to an interview, you must not ignore its importance and should always include it when sending your resume. It serves the purpose of introducing you to the prospective employer and asking for an interview.

How Can a Cover Letter be Effective?

The cover letter you send with your resume may decide your fate. It is just an introduction to your resume and should not repeat what you say in your resume. Its purpose is to interpret the data and facts in the resume.

Resume Cover Letters

For best results, submit a cover letter with a resume to a potential employer. Remember that your resume really can't stand on its own because there is simply too much competition. Your cover letter can be tricky to write, but once you get it down, you'll find that it is actually one of the most important parts of your overall job hunting experience.

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Client Testimonials
"Thank you so much for my letter. It looks great and is in line with my expectations. This letter seems to convey much more enthusiasm. I truly appreciate your quick response."
H.D. , Kansas City, MO
"For months, I was struggling to find a new position. My firm was downsizing, and I had to act fast. I signed up for a new cover letter explaining the situation and was greeted with a very thorough and professional letter filled with tact. Now, thanks to your help, I have a new position for the long term. I really appreciate all the help I received during this difficult time. Thanks a lot."
H.G. , Baton Rouge, LA
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