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Job-Search Tips

The articles in this section cover topics ranging from common resume blunders to understanding hiring managers' criteria.


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Classified Ads: Exactly Where the Jobs Aren't

Classified ads account for only about 5 percent of job openings, so don't spend all of your time answering ads.

All That You Must Know About Headhunters

Headhunters are paid matchmakers. They make money putting companies and candidates together. But never forget who they work for. (Not you. They're paid by the employer.)

Networking — People Power

Job search myth number 1: Networking is asking people for a job. Wrong. Networking is asking others for advice. Asking for a job makes people feel uncomfortable. Asking for help makes people feel valued.

Using Online Resources to Find Jobs

Dialing into online information services from your computer has become almost commonplace and demand for useful information online is way up and growing rapidly.

Do On-Line Services Work While Looking For Jobs?

Then, of course, there is the Internet-the fastest-growing international on-line information system of all. The Internet is quickly evolving into online cosmos: important general business tool. In response to the Internet s mushrooming applied, all of the major on-line services are scrambling to provide access (particularly to the World Wide Web).

Parameters for Job Postings Online

Computer listings of job openings are the logical flipside to resume databases. Online job postings can be searched by function, industry, location or a combination of these parameters.

Tackling Salary Questions in a Job Application

The issue of salary expectations is the most important and the most vexing to deal with in job applications, cover letters, or resumes. A vague statement about salary expectations can negate your chances for a job, and on the other hand inflexible salary expectations pose a risk of rejection in a tight job market. Tackling the issue requires considerable application of mind and the manner of stating your salary expectations should vary from case to case according to the information you possess about the concerned potential employer.

Networking and Job Search
By Megan Brooks

Networking is intrinsic to job search. A large number of job openings get occupied thanks to social contacts. This may be in the form of a simple referral, forwarding of the job application itself, or even direct interview and appointment to a given post, usually through a friend or acquaintance.

2008 Job Market for Real Estate and Finance Professionals
By Emily Sanderson

The recent forced buy-out of Bear Stearns by JPMorgan Chase may be a significant catalyst for displaced real estate professionals. JPMorgan Chase is likely to issue extensive layoffs to former Bear Stearns staff.

Identify a Career Focus in Your Job Search
By Emily Sanderson

Unless you are an entrepreneur with funding and other resources available to you (including risk management) to start your own business, you should find a niche or two among your interests, talents, and skill sets that you can offer to a corporate environment. And the big secret in the entrepreneurial world is that as a business owner, you are still seeking to find a niche in the global marketplace but just with higher stakes — such as the livelihood of your staff and clientele, in addition to yourself and your family.

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