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Communicate With Relevance and Connect With Your Audience
By: Harrison Barnes

A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of Employment Research Institute, discusses the importance of communicating in a manner that connects you with your audience.

Harrison says that one of the biggest marketing secrets of all time is that the number of people who are willing to respond to your marketing efforts is directly proportional to how relevant your marketing is to them. This is true in the case of your job search as well. Your chances of landing a job will increase dramatically if you speak about things that are relevant to the job and the company that you are applying to.

In order to substantiate his view point, Harrison cites an example of a European whom he himself hired about four years back. This person researched Harrison’s company thoroughly and called Harrison, the CEO of the company, directly to tell Harrison that he was planning to move to the US for work and then started discussing with Harrison the areas that needed attention in Harrison’s organization.

The European spoke in a manner that was relevant to Harrison and Harrison got into a long conversation with him. Harrison then flew this guy to the US to continue the conversation, hired him, and paid for all the expenses relevant to the move. This guy even stayed at Harrison’s place during his six weeks of training. What’s more is that this guy was hired for a company that got off the ground 30 months after he joined Harrison.

What was special about this guy was that he had researched exactly what Harrison’s company did and what made it unique. He spoke about things that were relevant to Harrison and succeeded to make a connection. This is exactly what you need to do the next time you go for an interview. In a nutshell, the more focused you are on explaining why and how hiring you will be beneficial for the employer, the greater will be your chances of getting the job.

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"Recently, I was laid off from a major corporation. I had no idea how I was going to come back from such a sudden and unexpected event. I came to your company hoping for a cover letter explaining my situation and was pleasantly surprised by your writer's tact. I don't think there could be a better letter phrasing. Thank you so much. I will let you know how things turn out in the next few months. Cross your fingers for me!"
M.C. , Palm Springs, CA
"My resume looks awesome. I didn't even recognize the person it was describing it was so good!"
C.C. , Modesto, CA
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