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Resume Tips

The articles in this section cover topics ranging from common resume blunders to understanding hiring managers' criteria.


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Resume exact

When crafting your resume, you will that resume exact and concise so that it effectively reflects you, your personality, and your abilities as a future employee. When we say make your resume exact, we mean have all the correct dates, addresses of previous employers. You should also include an exact date you can start as well as any other pertinent information that will be part of your future job.

Resume outlines

If you are lost and clueless as to how to begin putting together your resume, you may want to look for some resume outlines that you can find to follow. We have been able to find a lot of different places that offer resume outlines both on the Internet as well as in books we found at our local library. Having resume outlines to follow can make it much easier to craft a resume that is professional and eye catching which will get the attention of the person who is doing the hiring at the company you want to work for.

Resume service uk

A resume is the cornerstone of your career, and finding a resume service in the UK is as important as finding one anyplace else in the world! What can a resume service do for you? It can take information that you give to them and whip all that information into a snapshot of you, your abilities, your experience, and your achievements. Just as in the United States, you can find a reliable resume service in the UK with a simple Google search.

Resume service

Hiring a resume service to put together your resume can be a really good idea - especially if you are not really sure how to make a resume that can accurately convey your experience and abilities. Hiring a resume service can be a great move to help you project a professional image and help you get the job that you really want. How do you go about hiring a resume service, though?

Resume services

If you have no clue where to begin when it comes to making up a resume for a job, you can find a variety of resume services that will help you along the way. Most of these resume services do charge a fee for their time, so be aware that you will be paying for these services. However, if you are clueless as to where to start with a resume or a cover letter, resume services can be Godsends for people who are serious about finding a job and want to put their best foot forward with a professional resume.

Resume template exact

When you are putting together your resume, you may want to get a resume template for exact spacing and layouts to use as a guideline. There are lots of ways to make a resume and lots of different formats you can use. No one format is any better than any other, but it is very important that your resume reflect a professional nature and it should contain information that is pertinent to the job you are applying for. No resume template is exact and should be used only as a guideline to follow as you are crafting your resume.


A resume is a snapshot of you, your education, and your job experience for an employer to look at and consider you as a possible employee. Your resume should be put together in an easy to read format and contain as much information about you without becoming too many pages long. Here are a few hints on how to craft your resume.

Sample of dental assistant resume

When you are looking for a job as a dental assistant, your resume is very important so you really should try to find a sample of a dental assistant resume to use as a guideline in creating your own resume. Having a sample of a dental assistant resume to follow can make crafting your resume much easier.

Sample of resume for pharmacy technician

The field of pharmacy technician is growing by leaps and bounds these days, so you really should find a sample of resume for pharmacy technician to follow when you are writing your own resume to submit to a potential employer. Using a sample resume as a guideline insures that you are including all of the information an employer wants to see and that you are making an accurate representation of yourself on that one or two page document.

Sample of simple resume

Putting together a resume that will get you phone calls for interviews is not a difficult process, but it can really make a difference when applying for a job, so having a sample of a simple resume to follow can really help you to craft your own resume. A resume does not have to be complicated, but it should contain all of the information that a potential employer needs to know about you to decide if you are the right person for the job. Here is our sample of a simple resume:

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