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Resume Tips

The articles in this section cover topics ranging from common resume blunders to understanding hiring managers' criteria.


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Your Physical Therapy Resume Can Have Heart

A physical therapy resume will be your most important tool in marketing yourself to find the job you're looking for. As a physical therapist, you probably have a lot of passion for caring for other people. Employers like to see this passion, so make sure it shows through in your resume. While it's important to have all of the necessary qualifications and skills for the position, showing that you will put your heart into your job will indicate to your potential employer that you will take your job seriously and work hard.

Letting the Artist Show Through in an Architecture Resume
By Sayaka Seino

A well-written resume is a vital part of a job search in the architecture industry. It should reflect who you are as a designer and the style you are capable of. Crafted well, it should bring attention to key projects and experiences that apply to the position. As a design project, it advertises your capabilities. Within the industry, it is common to implement creativity and uniqueness in a resume, but all the basic elements of a traditional resume should still be present. It should be short, clear, concise, and with easy to read sections that include: personal contact information, which may mention a portfolio website; education, listing degrees in reverse chronological order; professional experience, where highlights of your architectural projects are placed; a skills section can include design, rendering, hand sketching, model building, and schematics you created, and software knowledge you have worked with, such as AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop. There should also be a section for awards, which flag success in design competitions. Depending on your level of experience, you may consider listing studio projects as well.

Marketing Yourself for a Marketing Position
By Sayaka Seino

There's a great demand for marketing jobs right now because business and organizations have to promote their interest. Competition is heavy because the positions are marked with high expectations and high salaries, which can be six-figure incomes including commissions, bonuses, and strong salaries. Therefore it's essential to craft a top notch resume that is often geared to a specific employer. It should present relevant information quickly and clearly, which is organized in sections to highlight your abilities. Those sections should include Summary of Qualifications, Education, Skills, and Experience, with added areas for Volunteer Work if it applies. Emphasize your transferable skills. Place your strongest selling points first, and remember a resume is a tool to market your abilities and to get that important interview. Skills a marketer should possess include creativity, a solid working knowledge of computer software, an overachieving, driven and competitive personality, strong interpersonal communication skills, and the ability to learn new things quickly and easily in order to apply them immediately.

Preferred Resume - Consulting

Preparing a resume for a consultant position requires a focus on the skills a potential employer will want to see. An employer hires a consultant because the company lacks expertise or knowledge that the consultant has. Usually this person has a great deal of experience in his or her field and a high level of confidence to carry out their ideas. With that, a consultant's resume should emphasize strength in interpersonal relations and the ability to communicate effectively with clients. When presenting interpersonal skills in a resume, it is better to show proven executive leadership ability, rather than tell about a skill that may not be tied to experience in the field. An example that may appear in the experience section is showing how interpersonal skills determined the success of a particular project. A resume introduces the consultant to a potential employer and should be open to referral of previous clients. Therefore, it should be brief and easy to read with clear and accurate references. A consultant's resume presented in this way takes into account a client's perspective and may get a second look.

Crafting a Well-Tailored Accounting Resume
By Sayaka Seino

Accounting is a booming industry because large corporations and organizations require full-time accountants due to the sheer number of transactions they track and analyze. Therefore an accounting resume needs to be tailored to the industry and to each position you're applying for. Your primary goal should be to highlight the skills and experiences that will draw the attention of potential employers. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to maintain a master resume that details your entire career. The writer then extracts transferable information from the master copy to craft an industry specific resume. This list of usable information would include your experience, background, accomplishments, qualifications and education. A job-specific resume develops by applying your transferable skills from your master resume to a company's requirements. This focus for your accounting resume strengthens with an in depth search for each company you apply for. This method of resume construction will especially aid you if you are in the middle of a career shift. Remember the experience you provide is based on the skills that are transferable to your new career.

Resume Tips for an Advertising Job

The advertising industry is always growing, so everything in your resume should be tailored in such a way as to sell yourself to a prospective employer, especially if you are applying for a specific advertising job. Reading the job description for a specific advertising position will help you relate your relevant experience and place emphasis on those abilities. As you draft your resume, focus on the skills and qualifications the company is looking for. If you have limited experience, you can focus on your education. Talk about the projects you completed while you were in school. Keep in mind that employers want to see diversity, so include anything that will set you apart from the competition. But don't clutter important information to fill space. You should try to make your resume fit onto one page by experimenting with spacing and font sizes. A two-page resume should be reserved for individuals with extensive work experience in the industry. That said, employers like to see volunteer work experience with community organizations because it gives them a clearer picture of your capabilities and who you are.

Writing a Resume for a Health Care Position

The health care industry has experienced growth due to advances in technology and an increase in the population of aged people. This growth is expected to continue with advances in medical research and because of a greater demand for physicians in hospitals and workers to assist patients. Some of the health care positions available include doctors, nurses, dentists, cardiologists, surgeons, x-ray technicians, etc. There are also office and administrative careers like managers, secretaries, data assistants, clerks and others. General support positions are also available, which include cleaners, compound maintainers, laundry people and kitchen staff. Some careers in the health industry do not require a lot of formal education. As you draft your resume, start with the highest degree earned, then list your other credentials and certifications in chronological order. Relevant skills and experiences should then be listed using keywords. Some keywords you could use include: computer technology, evaluation skills, decision making skills, collaboration examples, evidence-based service, etc. Although you are applying for a health care job, you should also mention your administrative and managerial skills in your resume. But, remember not to jumble your medical and technical skills together.

Tips for Writing a Resume for a Management Position
By Sayaka Seino

Competition for managerial positions keeps getting tighter due to budget cuts and economic inflation, making it increasingly crucial to use care when preparing your resume. The more preparation and planning you put into your resume, the sweeter will be your rewards. It's important that you focus on a top resume to get employers to take a second look. You must be able to show them you can work under pressure and deal with the responsibilities of the position. Here are some tips to get you noticed: Your profile statement should not be more than a few lines in length, but tell something about you. Your career summary should highlight your most important accomplishments. Employers like to see your work experience, so briefly highlight your responsibilities and accomplishments for previous positions that are relevant to the job you want. You want the resume to be clear and concise, which means that unique and specialized skills are going to be more effective. Find ways to show on your resume that you can operate independently, have strong communication skills, have a good sense of judgment even under pressure, and can manage a team because the best managers are team builders.

Skills and Qualifications to Include in a Hospitality Resume

Economic concerns around the world have left people with less disposable income to spend for hospitality services. However, the people entering the hospitality industry have continued to increase in the last decade and the catering profession has been taken more seriously. This has created new employment opportunities for people with experience, even in diverse professions, such as accounting, information technology, customer care, carpentry, painting, etc. Those with experience can become consultants in the hospitality industry. You should have excellent customer service skills. In many hospitality firms, customer service skills are given a priority while training is provided for other skills like computer technology. Those who want to progress faster in service careers should be willing to try new tasks in different departments. Higher management positions require formal training and a wealth of experience. Some of these positions are: sales manager, food service manager, and general manager. To increase your chances of getting employed, you should focus on the specific skills you possess and the responsibilities you've had instead listing the job titles you've held.

Writing a Resume For an HVAC Position

The HVAC job industry is fast growing with plenty of job opportunities for those who know how to write an industry-specific resume. You have to possess strong interpersonal and team building skills coupled with a high technical ability. This comes with experience and training. Experience is the basis for an innovative sales strategy, which is crucial in the industry. Specialization is also crucial in this field. Your resume should emphasize the mechanical and technical work you have accomplished. Organized correctly, your experience can be summed up into a confident and powerful resume. To be confident in the market, you should display a substantial understanding of the mechanical operations of the HVAC systems and provide evidence that you keep abreast of the changes in the industry. An example of this is having a strong HVAC control or a BAS system background. Another area to stress is your design background in DDC to operate in the market. Because HVAC is a service-related industry, you should provide a list of references who can confirm your work. They should be people who know of your competence and abilities and who are able to give a clear picture of who you are.

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