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Resume Tips

The articles in this section cover topics ranging from common resume blunders to understanding hiring managers' criteria.


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Teaching Resume Tips
By Sayaka Seino

On a teaching resume, the first thing an employer will check is whether or not you possess the required qualifications. List your educations and work experience in chronological order starting with the most recent experience. Do not exceed one page in length. Mention any awards or accomplishments. Adding your class rank, GPA, or other achievements can help build a great resume. Be cautious when listing previous teaching experiences — employers will likely inquire about your reason for leaving. Always be sure to show enthusiasm for the job.

A Professionally Written Resume Will Help You Reach Your Goals
By Sayaka Seino

Having a great resume is a vital tool in the world of job hunting. Don't be afraid to seek professional assistance. It will inevitably be up to you to provide the information that needs to be on it. Do whatever you can to promote your strengths and show yourself off. Let the employer know what you are capable of. Include previous jobs and experiences that are relevant to the position you are applying for. It may not be important to include unrelated work experiences. List community and volunteer activities you've been involved in. Revise the resume as many times as you want until it works for you. Do all you can to make it as perfect as it can be.

Highlighting Your Skills and Abilities on Your Resume

Your resume can be a great ally and tool in the job searching process. Using a regular format is good, but put more focus into tailoring your resume to fit the specific job you are applying for. Adding a profile statement will give your employer a quick and powerful view of what you have to offer. It is also a good idea to add a bulleted list of your skills. Give a chronological accounting of your work history. Employers are usually looking for consistency, a minimum of job-hopping, and no big gaps of unemployment. Tailor your resume to fit the company's mission statement. Keep a record of resumes sent and when and where you sent each one. Be bold, straightforward, and show off your best self.

Objectives for Secretary Resumes

Secretaries in the job market today are forced to compete with a large pool of other applicants, as there are as many different kinds of secretaries today as there are different offices and environments for them to work in. As such, it is critical for a job applicant to provide a unique resume, especially one that tailors the profile statement to the specific needs of the prospective employer.

Resume-Writing Templates

The position you are applying for determines the type of resume you need. A resume for a manager will not be the same as one for an hourly employee. The way you word your resume will also reflect your personality, weaknesses, and strengths. Proofread your resume again and again so there are no weaknesses peeking through.

Preparing a Resume for a Career Shift

A resume is your path to a new job or career. With your resume, you quickly and efficiently give a potential employer a rundown of your experience, work history, and skills. However, when you are looking to change career paths, how should you create your resume? What should it look like? In this article, we are going to take you through the many phases of a resume, one in which you can use when you are considering a career shift.

Internal Job Applications: How to Prepare for the Possibility of a Promotion
By Emily Sanderson

Presenting a solid resume and cover letter in response to an internal job announcement at your company can be just as important, if not more so, than submitting these documents elsewhere. Frame your current job responsibilities and accomplishments in a way that will emphasize the transferable skills that will best complement the responsibilities you would assume in your new role.

When to Include a Profile on Your Resume
By Emily Sanderson

Use a profile or statement of qualifications on your resume when a summary of your accomplishments, skills, and career focus would be helpful in guiding potential employers, such as when you are changing career pursuits or entering a new market, whether it be a different geographic area or a different industry sector. A profile can emphasize transferable skills, those skills you have already gained in your career which make you marketable for your current career pursuits.

The Business Proposal Aspect of Your Resume and Cover Letter
By Emily Sanderson

Think of your resume and cover letter as a business proposal packed with statements of how much money you generated for a previous employer or how you have made operations more efficient. Consider yourself as a lean, mean, profit-making machine.

Graphic Design Professionals: Despite the Emphasis on Your Portfolio, Don't Forget to Polish Your Resume
By Emily Sanderson

Many graphic design professionals put so much focus on their portfolios that they run out of time to prepare polished resumes and cover letters. Every detail counts in a portfolio, particularly in such a competitive field, but a great portfolio accompanied by a professional resume and cover letter will make you stand out to potential employers.

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