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Resume Tips

The articles in this section cover topics ranging from common resume blunders to understanding hiring managers' criteria.


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Taking Your Internship Resume Seriously Will Take You Places
By Sayaka Seino

Where first impressions matter, your resume should be precise and to the point, citing all relevant information that describes you and what you have to offer. This one-page document is a marketing tool to gain the internship experience you need in a competitive market. The overall design of your resume should be professional using basic formatting to emphasize points that will catch the employer's eye, such as bold face for the headings. The key to writing a readable resume is consistency. Write in the past tense, using action verbs to convey relevant information. Your resume should contain sections for contact information, profile, education, and experience. Contact information is the introduction that includes your name, address, phone number, and email address. If your phone is on an answering machine, the voice mail greeting should be professional. Your profile should be clearly and concisely spelled out, explaining exactly what you have to offer the company. Keep it no longer than four lines. The section given the most emphasis for interns is education, which would include academic achievements and honors. Work experience focuses on transferable skills you have acquired. List this experience in reverse chronological order with the most recent information first.

What to Show off in Your Journalism Resume
By Sayaka Seino

While the market for journalism positions provides a lot of success for women, most graduates are finding jobs fairly quickly. Your resume is your most important tool for getting your foot in the door. Some tips on writing include: Journalism organizations expect to see relevant intern experience. This experience may include a sampling of your work, such as clips. Without them your chances of being called for an interview are slim. Highlight special experiences you have had, such as if you traveled to other countries to write or language skills you have. Bring attention to your skills through out your resume and let a prospective employer know you are qualified for the job. Your education may be the best qualification you have, even if it is not relevant to journalism. Take the time to research companies you have an interest in to learn as much as possible. If you are applying for a job in broadcast journalism, you will be required to send in a resume reel. Make sure the best material is at the beginning. Just as you took care in checking your broadcast media, you need to double check your resume to ensure it is error free.

Writing a Resume for an Environmental Safety and Health Position

The Environmental Safety and Health profession is a profession that is responsible for the organization of occupational health and safety, workers compensation, and the compliance of different environmental activities. Your resume should portray a competence in the field, correctly identify your skills, and market you as well. Food, water, and sanitation safety is an honorable career and should be treated with professionalism. Your resume should include contact information, your objective, work experience, and your qualifications. Contact information is where you provide a permanent address, a phone number, and an email address. The objective briefly explains your goals in the field and what you have to offer the company, while the work experience section is where you expound on your professional experience, detailing your experiences, positions you've held, and your accomplishments. You should mention major responsibilities, such as investigating hazardous conditions and outbreaks of diseases, collecting samples for analysis and research, etc. Statements of certifications on the other hand indicate your qualifications are in line with the requirements of an Environmental Health and Safety Officer, such as being a certified hazard material officer, or certified environmental trainer.

Your Resume Can Help You Compete for an Executive Position

A determining factor for an organization to achieve its goals and objectives is the management and leadership of that organization. Those at the helm of a company play a key role in the success or downfall of that organization. Therefore, there are strict procedures for recruiting people for these positions. You must be able to stand out from the other applicants with a well-organized and eye-catching resume. The purpose of a senior executive resume is to present your skills and qualifications in the best way possible. A well accepted executive resume is organized in distinct subsections. The first section details personal contact information, which includes a permanent address, phone number, and email. Accuracy is of great importance. The objective or summary section follows. You must ensure your stated personal goals are in line with the position offered. Professional qualifications should be placed in reverse chronological order with the most recent information first. Academic qualifications are the most important as it forms the basis for your qualifications.

Get the Food Service Position You Deserve With a Great Resume

The Food Services Industry is a bit tricky, especially when transferring from the hospitality area. Some things to consider are that the main purpose of a resume is to capture the employer's eye and to present yourself in a way that an employer will think of you as a potential asset to the company. Approximately 85% of job seekers in the Food Services Industry use skill headings rather than job titles to get more interviews and to earn higher salaries. The majority of resumes fail because most people have a job title which deteriorates their image to their prospective employers, such as ''waiter'' or ''bartender.'' This is where skill headings come into play. Most employers lack the time and the ability to look at unrelated job titles to figure out if you possess the skills they need. Furnish them with relevant information, such as the duties you performed as a Departmental Manager or Staff Supervisor. Also, include your certifications, which will play an important role in getting you the job you want. Recommendations from schools you attended will be equal in importance.

Organizing Your Fundraising Resume

The two main positions that potential employers advertise for in the fundraising industry are Event Coordinator and Program Manager. The fundraising industry is challenging but satisfying once the objective is achieved. Writing a resume for a fundraising position is different then traditional positions because of the nature of the work. Your resume should state whether you are willing to relocate to the job location. It should state the type of position you desire, and if you are looking for a full time permanent position or part time temporary employment. Unlike other professions, the fundraising industry deems it is good to state your desired wage on your resume. It will give the potential employer a clear picture of whether or not you have done your research for the estimated earnings in the industry. Government fundraising employers usually don't place as much emphasis on experience as private employers.

Writing a Resume for a Government Position that Will Get You Noticed

Writing a resume for a government position requires presentation in briefing format. Pertinent information is organized clearly in order of precedence. Government officials and executives want the bottom line relevant to their mission quickly. Your resume should be organized accordingly. After your current Point of Contact (POC) information write a short objective that includes the job title and agency reference number. The objective needs to be clear and showcases your qualifications. Highlight the accomplishments that are relevant to the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) of the position requirement. Adapt your resume to fit the needs of the position by researching the organization's current operations and mission objectives, then customizing your accomplishments to meet the agency's need. Because of the great number of applicants for government positions human resource offices use computer aided key words searches to screen for qualified applicants. Continuity of experience and short resume bullets will aid this process and make your resume easy to read.

Show Yourself Off in an Entry Level Resume
By Sayaka Seino

Writing entry level resumes can be a great opportunity to creatively present yourself to the corporate world. Lack of experience is nothing to be ashamed of. Be confident in showcasing your skills and qualities. This applies to new graduates, older workers returning to the work force, or someone who is trying to transition into a new career. An objective or summary of qualifications will help. It is most likely the first thing a prospective employer will read, so make it count. Follow that with a brief professional summary to highlight your achievements and transferable skills. Anything that illustrates how you would be a good fit for the position is appropriate to include. For example, you should list any skills you have obtained through volunteer work, social organizations, or experiences that demonstrate your interpersonal skills.

Writing a Position-Oriented Resume for an Environmental Job
By Sayaka Seino

When applying for a job in the environmental industry like environmental resourcing, administration, and protection, there are a few key points that will help enhance your resume. Although the competition isn't as fierce in the environmental field as it is in others, it is still important that a potential employer is instantly attracted to your resume.

Legal Secretary Resumes
By Sayaka Seino

When writing a resume for a legal secretary position, it is important to follow the traditional resume format. The legal professions are somewhat conservative, so the format of a legal secretary resume is similar to that of a person seeking employment in the financial sector or other segments of the economy more ''buttoned down'' than others.

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